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Let us guide you on your journey to healing, with  compassion and understanding.

At Pain Free WA, we have brought together Perth's finest integrative practitioners to partner and support you in an holistic journey, to empower you and be the master of your pain, helping you to regain agency over your life.  


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Our vision at Pain Free WA is to empower patients to master their pain through innovative, evidence based pain management strategies.  Rather than opting for the mainstream medical treatments, and which may not have worked, Pain Free WA can offer you alternatives by respected innovative practitioners.

Pain Free WA

At Pain Free WA, we believe that pain is the sum of all  aspects of your life, one must consider all factors which make up the complex, wonderful matrix of your daily existence.


Our practitioners comprise integrative medical practitioners, counsellor, clinical psychologist, dentists, acupuncturist, myotherapist, yoga instructor,  meditation teacher, naturopaths , remedial massage, and chinese medicine.


Our Pain Practitioner

Raelene Clark B.Sc.
Pain Practitioner/Clinical Myotherapist

Raelene Clark is a medical scientist by qualification in addition to being a Clinical Myotherapist and Remedial Therapist.

Raelene is currently in the final stages of the Master of Science in Medicine (Pain Management) (Orofacial Pain Specialty).  This is a clinical masters through the University of Sydney.  This qualification has enabled Raelene to extend her already extensive clinical experience and knowledge of some 30+ years in the field of musculoskeletal pain.

A useful addition to her skill set has been that of Pain Education.  Prof Lorimer Mosely describes Pain Education as the first line treatment for acute and chronic pain.  Using a "guide by the side" approach to educating pain patients as to the origin of their pain,  and explaining the simple things they can do to become the master of their pain, rather than being at it's mercy.

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